Cultural Landscape

Mountains and Ridges

Some sacred mountains or snow-crested ridges seem, also, to have had a compelling meaning for ancient herders and early nomads. This is quite clear in the case of Shiveet Khairkhan Uul in the upper Tsagaan Gol or in the case of Taldagiin Ikh Uul, rising south of Ikh Oigor. On the other hand, the downstream flow of rivers seems to have offered a more compelling factor. This is indicated in the monuments within the valley of Khargantyn Gol, for example, and particularly at the confluence of that river and Modon Salaa. Although there the view onto the sacred mountain Tsengel Khairkhan Uul might have added value to location, it was clearly the large river and its downstream flow that was of overwhelming importance. On the other hand, within the Dayan Nuur basin are several khirigsuur that suggest that either rivers (Chuluut Bulag, Khar Chuluut Gol) or mountains (Öndör Khairkhan Uul, Tsagaan Asgatyn Öndör Uul, Tsengel Khairkhan Uul) were the primary determinants of location and orientation.